The primary PhaseID features that have led to its broad acceptance are listed below.

  • Small lightweight (3 lbs.), simple to use (1 pushbutton), single unit field probe that will obtain phase measurements from 120V to over 750KV.
  • With our basic system, no cell phones (along with their monthly service fees) are required. An unlimited number of field probes can be used with a single reference phase base station.
  • Lowest cost phase identification system available. Purchase just our Field Probe and use it with one of Origo’s free web-based remote base stations.
  • No extendo stick required on overheads with Handheld probe. Turn a 20 minute task of phase identifying high overhead lines into a 20 second task.
  • Indicates phase attribute and not just the phase angle between conductors at two different locations.
  • Simple tagging reference phase management. This is the most important feature of any phase identification system. Phase attribute measurements are meaningless if not compared to the proper tagging reference phase.
  • The base station keeps track of tagging reference phase throughout your utility so that neither the lineman or base station operator has to determine which, if any, 30 degree offset to apply to a measurement.
  • Origo’s PhaseID DataloggersTM instantly determine and datalog phase attribute and GPS location to a report file in real time. They automatically create any needed tagging reference phase.
  • Origo’s Handheld PhaseID DataloggersTM allow low cost meter reader personnel to obtain and log the phase attribute and GPS location of residence meters.
  • Origo’s Handheld G3 PhaseID DataloggerTM allows an extendo stick to be attached to phase crowded circuits.

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