The Iridium Extreme satellite phone/modem allows the PhaseID System to provide real time phase identification anywhere on the planet. It can be used to communicate with the Base Station when you are outside dispatch radio, Internet, and cellular coverage areas. It is as fast, easy, and convenient to use as a Cellular Aircard and multiple Datalogger phase measurements can be translated to phase attributes using less than a minute of satellite connect time.

The Iridium Extreme is Iridiumís newest satellite phone, and it is truly awesome. It is the first satellite phone with military-grade durability. It comes with integrated GPS-enabled SOS with emergency services supported by GEOS Travel Safety Group Limited, which is included at no additional charge. This is a great safety feature when working in areas without dispatch or cellular coverage.

Take your WiFi Hotspot with you

Iridiumís companion AxcessPoint accessory allows you to take your WiFi hotspot anywhere. Use this mobile hotspot to access your Origo Base Station server for real-time phase identification. No additional software is required on your Field PC. Just connect to the AxcessPoint hotspot as you would to any other hotspot.

Iridium Dealer

Origo is an Iridium dealer and can supply both satellite phones and airtime plans optimized for any size utility. Both the phone and airtime are discounted by Origo when purchased with Datalogger field probes.

  Iridium Extreme

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