The MB0414B Base Station

This base station has been replaced by the G3 Base Station which is composed of a small desktop Coupler box and a window mount antenna.

The base station consists of a rooftop antenna (MB0414A), a small coupler box (MB0414C), and PC software. The user supplies his own PC.

The coupler plugs into any 120V wall outlet to obtain a reference phase and connects to the PC serial port using a standard serial cable. Install the software on the PC and the base station is ready to go. The software can also be installed on multiple PCs networked together by a LAN.


  • Input Voltage: 120/240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Coupler: 7W x 6D x 2H
  • Output: 2 RS232 Serial ports
  • Weatherproof Antenna: 4W x 6H <1 lb. connects to coupler using LAN cable
  • Antenna Cable: User-defined length; Belden 7928A paired; data tuff enhanced Category 5e; sunlight and oil resistant FEP jacket (or use your own Cat 5 LAN cable)
  • Operating System: Windows 98 and above
  • Field Probes supported: Unlimited

Click here to view a high resolution screenshot of the base station program.

U.S. Patent 6,667,610 & 7,031,859 & 8,533,121.


The MB0414B Base Station

The MB0414C Coupler

MB0414A Rooftop Antenna

MB0414LM/LD Lineman Field Probe

MB0414SC Lineman Soft Case

MB0414HC Lineman Hard Case

MB0414P Lineman Bushing Pin

MB0414OH Lineman Overhead Hook

MB0414G Lineman Ground Cable

MB0414S Lineman Secondary Adapter

MB0414HM/HD Handheld Field Probe

MB0414HSC Handheld Soft Case

MB0414WM/WD Wired Handheld Field Probe

Datalogger Field PC

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